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Tai Chi
Tai Chi is an ancient exercise with much breadth and depth. No matter what your age of physical condition, once you start, you can continue to progress to higher levels for the rest of your life.
Usui Reiki Levels I, II, & III
The traditional beginners initial step on the Reiki Path. It includes the history and theory of Reiki. Each level has attunements, symbols and lots of practice.
Advanced Reiki Training
A deeper understanding of Reiki with additional attunements and symbols. Included in this program are also extensive teachings from Traditional Chinese Medicine.
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Tom Tague

Qigong Therapist, Tai Chi Instructor, Reiki Master-Teacher
Intriguing, Fun, and Life Transforming
This healing community Is designed to Let go of the Wounded Self, Learn from the Higher Self and Heal the Wise Inner Self.
You are invited to connect with your inner healing power and innate well-being, enabling a deep healing of body and mind. All are invited. Drop-ins are welcome. Beginners are encouraged. The circle is open to everyone who wishes to find balance, cultivate joy and connect with their authentic selves. You will enhance your emotional healing, and develop a deeper spiritual connection.